Charleston Loud Noise Complaint Defense Lawyer

Disturbing the peace through loud music, parties or other means is a serious offense. The state is tough on these types of cases and will often prosecute to the full extent of the law. This may result in the offense going on your permanent record, impacting your future employment opportunities. If you are a college student, you could potentially lose scholarships, your academic standing and may even face expulsion. That is why it is important to protect your rights through experienced legal representation.

I am Ravi Sanyal, a Charleston loud noise complaint defense attorney and founder of the Sanyal Law Firm, LLC. With more than a decade of legal experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I understand how to effectively navigate the municipal court/livability court system. Contact me, a South Carolina defense lawyer, online or call 843-641-0347 to discuss your case.

Do Not Let a Single Mistake Impact Your Future

Receiving a citation for having a loud party or for having the music turned up too loud in your vehicle may not seem like a big deal. Many people may simply shrug it off as a youthful rite of passage. However, this citation will still go on your criminal record, and in an increasingly competitive job market an employer is likely to choose the qualified candidate with a clean record. That is to say nothing of the impact that a record can have your college and post-graduate education opportunities.

It is essential to protect your rights from these charges with experienced legal advocacy. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. I will fight against these charges in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome so your future remains bright.

Contact a South Carolina Disturbing the Peace Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with disturbing the peace or with violation of a noise ordinance, you need to protect your rights. Contact me, a Charleston noise complaint defense lawyer, online or call 843-641-0347 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. I offer evening, weekend and off-site appointments by request, and I accept all major credit cards.