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Charleston Fake ID Lawyer: Although a fake ID charge may seem minor, it can have serious consequences. Simply paying the fine is an admission of guilt and the charge can wind up on your permanent record, negatively affecting future job prospects. If you are a college student, you may lose any scholarships, your academic standing or even wind up getting expelled. With so much at stake, you need experienced legal counsel to defend your legal rights.

Charleston Fake ID LawyerRavi Sanyal is a Charleston fake ID defense lawyer and founder of the Sanyal Law Firm, LLC. With more than a decade of legal experience, including both the prosecution and defense of municipal court/livability court matters, I have extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures involved in these types of cases. If you need a Charleston fake id lawyer, contact me online or call 843-641-0347 to discuss your case. Charleston’s #1 Fake ID Lawyer!


Dedicated Defense Against All Livability Crimes

If you have been charged with possession of a fake ID, as a minor in possession of drugs/alcohol (MIP), or with a loud noise violation, you are still innocent until proven guilty. As your lawyer, I will work aggressively to advocate for your legal rights and for the best possible outcome at every stage in the legal process.

Fake ID and MIP charges can be a very serious matter. There are several problems that can occur from a fake id charge:

  • It can bring with it a license suspension for one year
  • It can also be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, neither of which is punishable by a simple fine, and both of which involve imprisonment.
  • A conviction for MIP or fake ID will appear and remain on your criminal record.

If you need a fake id lawyer, contact the Sanyal Law Firm! Click here for more information on the South Carolina Code of Laws.


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If you have been charged with underage drinking or a similar crime, you should seek experienced legal advice. Contact me, a Charleston fake ID lawyer, online or call 843-641-0437 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. I offer evening, weekend and off-site appointments by request, and I accept all major credit cards.